The perfect form of Brexit disaster video

Many videos show disasters-in-the-making ending with the foreseen disaster actually taking lace. Most of us see Brexit as an obvious potential disaster - indeed, its malign effects are being felt already. This video from a  construction site provides a good parallel. Read more

Malice or stupidity and political posturing

Brexit dominates one of my occasional articles on the follies of politicians and others. This one is called Malice, stupidity or something else? The mixed motives behind political posturing . University fees, Grenfell Tower, Jeremy Corbyn, the Tory leadership manoeuvres and Andrea Leadsom ("the dimmest bulb in the Cabinet") all turn up. Read more

Malice, stupidity or something else?

A look at the mixed motives which lie behind some of the issues of the past few days. Malice or stupidity may explain some of it, but there are other reasons why politicians and others behave as they do. One of a series of chronicles of the continuing follies of our times. Read more

A revolutionary hen

In which I suggest that the French revolutionaries got the idea for their little red caps from a chicken like this. Aux armes les citoyhens  

Brexit from Johnson to Leadsom

In which I confuse the crooks from The Producers with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, and note that Theresa May is now so tainted that even Andrea Leadsom gets sent out to cover her back. Read here.

A few days in Ireland

A data protection conference near Dublin, preceded by a few days in County Clare, with added reflections on the first anniversary of the Brexit referendum. By me. Read more

The eccentricities of a UK election

The election of June 2017 was deadly serious and became more so as the count progressed. Fortunately, there was enough to keep us amused as it progressed. Dogs at polling stations, Lord Buckethead at declarations: the eccentricities of a UK election

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