Detail of the Cloth Hall at Ypres

Detail of the Cloth Hall at Ypres after restoration (a project not completed until 1967). On Instagram.

The perfect form of Brexit disaster video

Many videos show disasters-in-the-making ending with the foreseen disaster actually taking lace. Most of us see Brexit as an obvious potential disaster - indeed, its malign effects are being felt already. This video from a  construction site provides a good parallel. Read more

FTI on the role of general counsel in IG

An article called How the general counsel can shape information governance by Jake Frazier and Sonia Cheng of FTI Consulting focuses less on the IT, data security and regulatory aspects of IG and more on that often-overlooked aspect, reputational risk and ethical duties. Read more

Off to ILTA in Las Vegas

I will shortly be going to Las Vegas for ILTACON2017, the big annual event of the International Legal Technology Association. I am doing a panel there, interviewing people, and just soaking up the gossip. Read more

Heart pacemaker data as evidence

A judge in Ohio rules that data from a heart pacemaker is admissible in a criminal trial of a man accused of arson. The data was at odds with his assertions about the events. New data sources are appearing all the time. Read more.

Managing data with Nuix Insight

 Nuix brings together the disciplines of investigations, eDiscovery, cyber security and information governance, all of which involve extracting and managing useful information from data. The latest upgrades to Nuix Insight bring improved user tools and enhanced ability to deal with data as it evolves for cybersecurity or investigations purposes. Read more

Consilio considers the security of data held by law firms

Lawyers hold confidential data for their clients - indeed, the data collected by lawyers is often the most important data, already filtered down to those which are most significant.  eDiscovery and information management company Consilio invites you to consider how secure data is in the hands of a law firm. Read more

Post-Brexit data flows

Is the UK ready to deal with the movement of data after Brexit? A House of Lords committee has expressed doubts. David Davis, Minister for Existing the EU, is plainly incompetent and no interest in detail. How will we cope? Read more

What will your disclosure conduct look like?

A case called ICI v Merit Merrell Technologies was complicated enough without multiple procedural failures, including disclosure defects. There was no breach of a specific rule, and no technology failure was blamed; there may or may not have been bad faith somewhere along the line. It just all went wrong. Read more

Malice or stupidity and political posturing

Brexit dominates one of my occasional articles on the follies of politicians and others. This one is called Malice, stupidity or something else? The mixed motives behind political posturing . University fees, Grenfell Tower, Jeremy Corbyn, the Tory leadership manoeuvres and Andrea Leadsom ("the dimmest bulb in the Cabinet") all turn up. Read more

Malice, stupidity or something else?

A look at the mixed motives which lie behind some of the issues of the past few days. Malice or stupidity may explain some of it, but there are other reasons why politicians and others behave as they do. One of a series of chronicles of the continuing follies of our times. Read more

Sedona Conference WG6 in Dublin

Working Group 6 of the Sedona Conference met in Dublin for its Ninth Annual Sedona Conference International Programme on Cross-Border Discovery and Data Protection Laws. It is a deep immersion in cross-border discovery and data protection which is unmatched anywhere else. It serves both as a top-up and a stimulus, with a skilled faculty pointing the... Continue Reading →

BYOD – a paper from the UK ICO

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has published a short, readable guide on Bring Your Own Device or BYOD - the use by employees of their own phones, tablets etc for their employer's work. Read more

FTI Consulting on structured data

An article by David Turner of FTI’s Consulting’s Data and Analytics practice,summarises the things organisations ought to have in mind when preserving structured data for potential production in future litigation or investigations. Read more

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