ThreadKM and Relativity

kCura's Relativity attracts a growing number of developers who value its market and its flexibility. In this interview, Damon Goduto of ThreadKM talks about ThreadKM's integration with Relativity.

Political point-scoring after Grenfell Tower

The aftermath of the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower brought out the best and worst of people - brave fire-fighters and generous volunteers on the one hand, and much ignorant shouting from social media and from politicians and others who ought to know better on the other. It also brought one sensible article from a... Continue Reading →

Sonia Cheng of FTI on the GDPR

Sonia Cheng is FTI Consulting’s European Information Governance Leader. I write about a video in which Sonia introduces some ideas for companies to consider when first tackling compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Read more Home  eDiscovery  Other

AccessData webinar series

AccessData is running a series of webinars under the umbrella title Information Overload: Navigating information risk, investigations and privacy in today’s regulatory environment. Read more

A revolutionary hen

In which I suggest that the French revolutionaries got the idea for their little red caps from a chicken like this. Aux armes les citoyhens  

Brexit from Johnson to Leadsom

In which I confuse the crooks from The Producers with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, and note that Theresa May is now so tainted that even Andrea Leadsom gets sent out to cover her back. Read here.

A few days in Ireland

A data protection conference near Dublin, preceded by a few days in County Clare, with added reflections on the first anniversary of the Brexit referendum. By me. Read more

Eversheds Sutherland and OpenText Discovery

The story underlying this article is that OpenText Discovery, has sold cloud licences to Eversheds Sutherland in London, enabling the firm to take control of the management of eDisclosure without having to be responsible for the software and infrastructure. Read more

AccessData User Summit

I went last month to the AccessData User Summit at an attractive resort in San Diego. I moderated or took part in four panels, learnt a lot, met up with old acquaintances and made new ones. It was an extremely useful and enjoyable event. Read more

The eccentricities of a UK election

The election of June 2017 was deadly serious and became more so as the count progressed. Fortunately, there was enough to keep us amused as it progressed. Dogs at polling stations, Lord Buckethead at declarations: the eccentricities of a UK election

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